Filtration in mining is one of the largest product groups in Job|group.

Our weaving department, with its special machinery, is designed to produce the strong weaves required for the dewatering of abrasive sludge.
We work with world-leading manufacturers of machine tools for filtration in mining, for example filter presses, disc filters and drum filters. This means our customers can access ongoing developments as they happen.

Our needling department produces needle felt for filtering process gases and flue gases.
We also have a range for wet filtration products for drum filters, for example, in which needle felt is an important complement to the woven products.

Here are some examples of benefits enjoyed by our contract customers in the mining sector.

- Call-off warehousing at no extra charge
- Specially trained personnel in JobService
- Development contracts

How about paying for your filter media per tonne product produced? How much could you save by halving your down time for filter replacement?

What can we do for you?