Ekomans Oy

The strong know-how of Ekomans Oy, a company that is strongly investing in product development, is based on the experience accumulated during almost forty years. The business that in the 1980s was owned by A. Ahlström passed to Ekomans Oy, established in 1990. Currently the parent company operating in its background is Oy Julius Tallberg Ab.

The devices related to the product schedule of Ekomans OY were already used in Finnish industries since 1970s. In addition to Scandinavia, their products have also been delivered, among others, to Russia and China.

Description of activity

 Ekomans Oy provides industries and municipalities with dust removal systems, air pollution control equipment and stations, central cleaning systems and surface treatment stations (grit blasting stations, paint shops and conveyor lines).

Delivery includes the following fields and their combinations.

  • Preliminary reports, design and consulting
  • Equipment deliveries, construction supervision and start-up.
  • Full delivery on the turnkey basis
  • Maintenance and spare parts service