Filter cartridges and Pleated elements

Cartridges at competitive prices!
We  supply our filter cartridges with a range of qualities and designs at very competitive prices, ensuring you the best possible filtration. We can supply Thread Cartridges, JET Cartridges, Pleated Bags, DIN Cartridges, Pleated elements and many others.

Tailor-made to improve your equipment
The filter cartridges of Job|Filtration are manufactured to the exact measurements and specifications of all makes and types of filtration equipment, and come with the most commonly used attachment options.  

Superior materials
The cartridges are made of a variety of high quality filtration materials with antistatic and PTFE treatment or ePTFE membrane when necessary. The cartridges for standard filtration are mainly used for air intake, sand blasting, silos and paint shop applications.

Long service life
The tailor-made Job|Filtration cartridges combine a long service life and the best possible separation results. They will improve the overall efficiency of your application, and save you money by lowering your cost of maintenance.
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Filter cartridges and Pleated elements