Filter cloth of superb quality

Filter cloth of superb quality

Proven to optimize system performance
Our filtration products provides optimum performance for the chemicals, metals, minerals, and pharmaceuticals in the form of super high filtration efficiency and improved flow characteristics . We are an expert weaver of high-performance filter medias and as such also deeply involved in what kind of raw materials and yarns to use to get the best function of every single filter cloth.

Heavy duty fabrics or technically advanced combination products?
We make all kinds of filter press cloths - from the real heavy duty fabrics to highly technically advanced cloths with several functions.
If you are looking for cloths to withstand abrasive conditions like in mining processes or where very high filtration efficiency is the target like pigment process - we, as a manufacturer, will have the right selections of filter cloth.

How to select the correct media?
It does not matter what kind of press and process you have - there is always a possibility to select the correct media.
Job | filtration evaluates the actual process and the specific demands to determine which type of filter cloth would be the optimum to use. This will include the actual technical solution as well as the economical side of your purchase.

Do you want to know more?
Further information about the benefits of filter medias please contact us so we can evaluate the best choice for your system.
There is also further information about our abilities under the section separation solutions.

A job well done