Leakage free filtration with Leaktite ® Leakage free filtration with Leaktite ®

Leaktite® thermoplastic gaskets

Leakage free filtration with Leaktite ®
thermoplastic elastomer gaskets are designed for easy fit of filter cloths for CGR-type filter plates.
Our patented technology guarantees leakage free filtration and safe operation of your filter presses.

Easy management - saving time 
Changing filter cloths will become ever so easy once having Leaktite® filter plates installed. It saves you downtime and costs on consumables like ty-raps, because you simply don’t need them anymore.
Excellent technical characteristics
Leaktite® gaskets can be bonded to almost any type of filter fabric as long as it’s made of polypropylene, polyamide or polyester.
Leaktite® gaskets can be recycled. We accept the challenge of sustainability.
The compounds of the Leaktite® gaskets combine chemical resistance with high tensile and excellent elastic properties.
Leaktite® thermoplastic elastomers have similar chemical resistance of the filter fabric which they are bonded to. 
Leaktite® is available in grades that are intended to be used in food contact materials and are in compliance with the relevant parts of the directives EC 1935/2004 plus EC 10/2011 and FDA regulations.

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