Our common values
It is essential that the employees of the Job Group, whatever their background, whatever they do and wherever they are, share a common definition of Job´s vision, ambition and values.

Ambition and vision
We want to be the reference group in professional solutions in our market, shaping a sustainable future for the planet.

Our challenge is to provide cost effective solutions for our customers which successfully combine economic development, social progress and respect for the environment.

To meet this challenge, we have to design reliable solutions through innovation and excellence.

By pushing our own limits, we will create a sustainable competitive advantage, enabling us to be the market leader in filtration.

Through profitable growth, we will generate value for our owners and opportunities for our coworkers and business partners.

Together - we are shaping the future!

Team spirit
Job´s business is based on delivering products, with high functional values for our customers. This requires our collective discipline and efforts to be executed successfully. It also requires networking to ensure we take full advantage of all the latest technology available. This team spirit, supported by the desire to develop each employee, extends to our collaboration with our partners and customers.

Who we are
We are the Job Group, a high-tech industrial company that is a major player in the market when it comes to Filtration, Safety Products and high end Technical textiles.

We serve the process industry as well as other users of high-end technical textiles.

We are a successful family owned business focused on being the leader in our core business by driving customers satisfaction through effective project execution and innovative developments.

We are firmly pursuing a strategy of profitable growth. Our owners, partners and customers fully support our business development.

We offer our customers professional solutions at the leading edge of technology. We have a unique capacity in integrated solutions and advanced technologies.

Thanks to our business concept and products we are the front-runner in environmental protection and sustainable development for our customers. We save lives!

We know how to work as a team on complex high-value-added projects. Building on our renowned expertise, we have a real “let’s do it together” attitude.

The people at “Job” have written our success stories of the past and will write those of the future. Each individual plays a crucial role in shaping our common destiny.

Care of people, talent development and the recognition of the individual and collective contribution of our employees are at the very heart of our priorities.

Our common values
We share four essential values: trust, team spirit, quality and a sense of action. These values have been selected by the members of the BOARD as they correspond to the way in which the Job Group has defined its fundamental values. These values shall protect us in the future against the problems we encountered in the past.

Quality & Action
The Job Group commits to deliver products and services to its customer which meets their expectations in terms of price, quality and delivery schedules. To meet our commitments to our customers, a sense of action is a priority for us all.

Action is built on strategic thinking, established at a group management level and by the members of the board, which is underlined by our sense of customer orientation integrated in our daily activities and each project. Action involves adopting a sense of urgency in our activities, speed of execution which differentiates us from our competitors and the ability to report which ensures the achievement of our business objectives. Leadership is essential to drive action.


Team spirit
Quality & Action


The Job Group with its many product groups, management structures, units, production sites and countries is, by definition, a complex company. Mutual trust between colleagues and their management is essential for the proper conduct of our business and effective management of our projects.

Our trust is built on:
The clear responsibility given to each decision maker, at his own level. The delegation authority granted. The belief of each employee, in the importance of his own role in the groups well being and development The openness to a professional environment, ensuring transparency which is vital in the management of risks.


Get the "Job" done - have fun!