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Rutger Bornefalk, CEO - Job Group
Rutger Bornefalk, CEO

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 Job Group, Clean Tech frontrunner, acquires TP-Filter.


The merger is a part of the Job group growth strategy.


Other well known brands in the group are Industri-Textil Job AB, Finsa Filtros Industritales S.L, Ekomans Oy and Processfilter AB.  Job group is known for an extensive range of market leading products and services regarding Clean Tech - filtering and hi-tech textiles. TP-Filter is known for it´s culture of innovation, which has resulted in several important patents.


We are expecting major synergies regarding production and markets and this will already in the short term perspective mean that we will increase the workforce in the majority of the companies within the group.


TP-Filter is especially competent regarding unique products for the paper and pulp industry with several well-known experts within that area, working in the company. TP-Filters owner and CEO Johan Rasmussen and the other experts within TP-Filter will join Job group, as a consequence of the merger.


"I am truly excited. This is a great opportunity. Job groups position as a market leading frontrunner, means a great position for TP-Filter and will mean substantial growth," says Johan Rasmusson, CEO and owner, TP-Filter.


"Job group and TP-Filter are beautifully complementary regarding both products, expertize and geographic presence. Both our companies share the understanding of and commitment to deliverer function and value to our customers," says Rutger Bornefalk, owner and CEO of the Job group, He continues: " This is a natural step to strengthen our position as frontrunner in Clean Tech and hi-tech textiles. This merger will strengthen our offer to customers of both TP-Filter, Job group and the Job Alliance." 


Kinna, 5 February, 2017


Johan Rasmussen

CEO, owner



Rutger Bornefalk

CEO, owner

Job Group AB

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