Dust separation and explosion protection

We select the best possible filter for each application depending on the dust, process and use.

Dynamic simple-structured dust collector.

Almost maintenance-free device for flue gas cleaning, among other things.

Cartridge filter
The EPS cartridge filter suits for large air quantities and small dust loads.

Bag filter
The ELS bag house filters are suitable for large air quantities and large dust loads.

Cassette filter
Changing the EKS cassette filter can be done simply by one person from outside the filter.

ATEX filters
All filters can be designed and produced for explosive dusts.

Spare part filterelements and selecting the correct filtermedia
We can deliver high quality replacement filter elements for all filters (hose, cartridges, etc.) Filters are always selected according to their use.

Oil mist separators
The oil mist separators of Ekomans have a 4-step filter. Air can be returned to the workspace.

Vortex scrubber
The Ekomans vortex scrubber is an efficient and simple-structured wet separator suited for dust removal when dust is moist or sticky.

Packed bed scrubber
Cleans efficiently poisonous and acid gases, exhaust gases, solid and liquid air-spray components, and smells.

Drop separator
In standard conditions the EMP scrubber has an in-built drop separator component. Individual drop separators are also available. In ETP scrubbers drops are separated from the exiting gas flow by means of a Telpac layer.