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Filter bags

Close to 50 years of experience makes a difference! 
Since the start in 1963 Job | filtration has been the leading manufacture of filter bags and units in Scandinavia. We work with all kinds of processes and we enjoy doing it. Job | filtration provides an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and economical result.

Proven to optimize system performance
We have filtration products providing optimum performance for various industries such as chemicals, metals, minerals, and energy by means of low pressure drop, near zero emissions, and consistent flow rates. We are a proud distributor of GORE® Filtration Products and the manufacturer of Job | tex® conventional filter bags.

How to select the correct medium?
Job | filtration evaluates the actual process and the specific demands to decide whether to use GORE® membrane products or selected Job | tex® conventional medias. This will include the actual technical solution as well as the economic aspects of your purchase.  

The fit of the bag is important! 
We supply the most functional and durable filter bags for all types of filter units. Together with our sales team you will find the best design for a perfect fit for your system.  

Do you want to know more? 
Please, contact us for further information about the benefits of GORE®filtration ePTFE membrane and our conventional filter media. We are able to recommend the best choice for your system.

A job well done

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