Filter cartridges

Cartridges at competitive prices!
We supply our filter cartridges with a range of qualities and designs at very competitive prices, which also ensure you the best possible filtration. We can supply all sorts of cartridges, wound or resin-bound.

Tailor made to improve your equipment
The filter cartridges of Job|Filtration are manufactured to the exact measurements and specifications of all makes and types of filtration equipment, and come with the most commonly used attachment options.

Superior materials
Filter cartridges can be divided into the categories nominal, semi-absolute and absolute, and into surface versus depth filtering. Factors governing the choice of filter cartridge are temperature, liquid, viscosity, flow rate, particle type and chemical compatibility.
All our materials are chosen carefully to fulfill all those criteria`s. Every process needs to be checked individually to make sure that the results meets your expectations.

Long service life
The tailor made Job|Filtration cartridges combine a long service life and the best possible filtration and flow results. They will improve the overall efficiency of your application, and save you money by lowering your cost of maintenance.

Do you want to know more?
Further information about the benefits of our products please contact us so we can evaluate the best choice for your system.

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We have all sorts of cartridges!
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