Modifications of old filter units

Emissions and high energy consumption?
In many instances it is possible to improve the usability and the filtration capacity of your existing unit by improving the gas flow dynamics and flow geometry, and simply by adjusting and calibrating the equipment properly.

Many old filter units are equipped with timer based cleaning systems, which spends a lot of pressurized air and give high energy consumption. Changing from timer to clean on demand will save pressurized air consumption.

If you need to increase the level of your filtration capacity while keeping the investment cost negligible, we advise you to upgrade from off-line cleaning to on-line cleaning. This allows usage of full capacity of the filter unit.

For some applications this alone will bring about the desired result. For others we need to make more changes within the old system.

Keep the outside, renovate the inside
Our experience of hundreds of modification and upgrade projects shows that we have really upgraded the system!
We upgrade different types of old filters into pressurized air-cleaned bag filters with excellent results, and we will gladly share our references with you.

Any problems you may have with high pressure drops or lack of capacity, please, let us know. We can also be of service to you in extending the life-cycle of your filter media.

Do you want to know more?
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A job well done

Modifications of old filter units