Global supplier of filtration systems and process ventilation for the industry

Processfilter Sweden helps to create a cleaner and safer industry environment around the world. We work to create production-efficient industrial processes and to reduce the negative environmental impact of industry. We specialize in four areas: Dust Collection, Process Air Cleaning, Filtration and Exhaust Gas Emission Control


We keep you moving forward

We at Processfilter have offered our customers expertise, unparalleled service and smart process filtration solutions for over 30 years. A very proud tradition that is deeply rooted in us. Our daily focus, whether we work with R & D, consultancy, product development, customer installation or daily maintenance tasks constantly aims at getting your processes to roll on day in and day out. No worries, no headaches, just knowing be able to safely look ahead and exhale.


Swedish quality and craftsmanship

Most of our facilities are manufactured in Sweden of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Our systems are designed, programmed and built in-house. On the basis of our clients’ needs to optimize the management of dust and fumes from the various processes we deliver safe, reliable and profitable solutions with minimal maintenance.

Our contribution to a better world

Our core values rests on a sound worldview. We are committed to the key questions of health, ethical and environmental issues.