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Acoustic panels

A good noise attenuation solution is no longer a major investment - neither in time, nor in money.
Our noise attenuation system is a class of its own and is the most flexible and cost-effective on the market. An ingenious modular system delivers unmatched flexibility, with quick and easy installation.

Noise attenuation - Investing in the future
Healty employees mean a healty business. One Swedish real estate company improved the rate of sick leave by 2% by improving the sound enviroment in the workplace. this generated savings aquivalent to eight full-time posts.

Every problem has the right solution
While our products are integrated with your business, we always try to find the best solution. Our products can do its work without disupting production processes or requiring extended stoppages for installation.

Sustainable industry
Our cost-effective noise attenuation solution is the result of our investment in research and product development. This is your guarantee tha you as our customer can be certain of improving your competitivness. We know all about noise attenuation. Together we will find the perfect solution.

Take it from our customers
Sound absorbents mean a lot to people in their day-to-day lives. Our customers are better than sophisticated measuring instruments. Our users can tell you how really good noise attenuation omproves the working anviroment.

In-house production mean that delivery times and quality can be guaranteed.