Lab & shooting range
We work with leading experts, institutions and companies to find new applications that demonstrate the advantages of textile solutions. We have our own lab and shooting range – essential for effective product development.


The right raw material and the right fibre
Choosing the right raw material is an important factor in successful high tech textile production. We work closely with raw material producers throughout the world - for your benefit.



Complete responsibility from concept to finished product

Quality-assured production
– all under one roof – in Sweden
Our production facilities are unique. State-of-theart machinery and our own specially designed machine tools. More than 40 years’ experience in high tech textile production and textile materials. A quality and finish no-one else can offer.


Training and service
Modern protective vests are easy to handle and maintain. To maximise service life and usability, we supply comprehensive training material with our protective products.


Expertise that’s second to none
We have expertise in advanced textile technology, chemistry and mechanical engineering, combined with a large number of advanced production methods, materials and secondary treatments.

Sustainability permeates everything we do. Environmental activities, ethical positions and quality activities focused on the individual and on society.