What do you need to protect?
Our strength lies in raw-material, knowledge and production expertise. Our range of products is governed by your needs.

High risks– high demands!
Comprehensive protection for every situation
It is easy to select well-functioning protection on the basis of your working situation and the risks you encounter.


Safety, confidence– freedom!

Hard ballistics
Thanks to its unparalleled energy absorbing capacity and minimal weight, our textile materials are increasingly combined with steel, ceramics, polymers or other materials to reduce weight and protect against secondary fragments. We use extremely high-performance textile fibres, allowing an effective protection solution for people or vehicles without compromising on weight. Armoured vehicles and other military vehicles can also be made lighter with Job|safety’s vehicle protection. The use of textile fibres in the armour reduces the weight by up to 60 % compared with ballistic steel. Job|safety’s ballistic solutions are available for all levels of threat, from direct fire and splinters/shrapnel to high explosives.

Tailored solutions
In the planning and design phase, Job|safety can offer practical and tailored solutions for the end user. Where necessary, we work closely with government bodies, institutions and vehicle manufacturers.

Soft ballistics
Until recently, effective body armour was an uncomfortable compromise between ballistic protection and limited freedom of movement. Thanks to our developments in the areas of material and design, this compromise is no longer necessary. We use a high strength fibre produced from a very large number of individual fibres with an extremely ”small” diameter. The Job|safety vests are light, more flexible and more comfortable than any alternative available on the market today. Protective vests from Job|safety are currently used by police forces throughout the world (direct fire) and by the military (splinters/shrapnel and direct fire).

Effective protection
The primary function of the protective material is to absorb ballistic energy in the shortest possible time. This is achieved through high energy absorption, which permits rapid dispersion of the deformation waves.

Combining protection technologies
– for security, safety and freedom
Body armour–PPE

Custom armoured
vehicle protection

Custom fortified / protected buildings and armoured containers

Health and safety