Smart textiles

Technical products - from textile materials

Advanced techniques and materials – smart textiles
Microfi bres, nanofi bres, nanotechnology, static-dissipative materials, FDA-approved raw materials – these are examples of our products. The properties of a smart fi lter cloth can be adapted to the process; it can serve as a temperature sensor, or provide information about mechanical damage – the possibilities are endless.
Technical fabrics - with all raw materials
We manufacture technical fabrics for many purposes. Examples include fabrics for bullet-proof vests, fabrics for reinforcing special rubber products and composite materials, fabrics for form drainage in cement casting, fabrics for airbags, and much more.
Technical felt
In our fl exible needling lines, we manufacture a wide range of technical felt that can be used for vibration- and sound-proofi ng, fi re protection, absorption, insulation, form-pressed textile components, and much more. We work with raw materials ranging from natural wool to high-performance materials such as para-aramid. We manufacture materials with weights between 100 g/m2 to 7500 g/m2.
Textile mechanical components
Examples of textile mechanical components: Packings and seals in different materials tolerating different temperatures. Pipe sleeves and compensators, made of materials tolerating temperatures from -273ºC to 2500ºC. Flexible connections between parts of machinery. Cleaning felt and wiper felt made of microfi bres. Fluidising cloths/airslides in various materials and thicknesses (0.1 - 8 mm). Lifting and transport devices for weights up to 10,000 tonnes. The possible applications for textile materials are limited only by your imagination.

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